Ordering Our Memorial Products
How to Order

1. Choose a layout
You should first choose a layout for your memorial or prayer
card, keeping in mind a layout that best suits the length of
the prayer or information you would like to put on the card.
Remember the number of the layout you would like.

2. Choose a background
You may choose to have a background on your memorial or
prayer card. You may even send us your own picture to use
as a background if you wish. Remember the name of the
background you wish to use!

If you do not have a picture on your computer, you may scan
the picture into your computer and email it to us. You may
also send us a printed picture on overnight Fed-Ex or some
similar overnight shipping company, but please be aware
this will add one day to our delivery time. The picture will be
returned along with the delivery of the cards. You can send
us a picture through the US postal service, but this may add
up to a week to our delivery time.

3. Choose a prayer or verse
You can choose a quote or prayer, or other information that
you would like to use on the card. You can choose among
the ones we have on the website, or you can send us your
own if you wish. If you choose one from the website,
remember the name of the verse or prayer

4. Choose the font
You can choose from among our font options on the Sample
Fonts page, or allow our staff to choose one that looks best.

5. Fill out the order form, and send it to us!
You must fill out the order form using the amount of the
product you'd like, the layout you wish to use, the name of
the background, the name of the prayer or verse, and the
name of the font you wish to use. You can send us a photo
of your loved one along with the order form, so we can get
to work on filling out your order.

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When E-mailing Us a Picture:

1.  Please make sure the name of the deceased person is in
the Subject section of the e-mail.

2.  Make sure to identify the deceased in the photo, if more
than one person is in the picture.

3.  If you would like some of the background in the photo
used on the card, please describe what to include.

4.  If you are scanning in a picture, try to use the highest
resolution possible. This will give us the clearest picture
possible to put on the card.

5.  Try to select a photo that is not too dark.

6.  Locate the picture on your computer that you would like
to send us. Create an e-mail, attach the photo, and send it
to us so we can get to work!

Payment will be required along with the order form in the
form of a debit/credit card. All orders are processed through
PayPal Pro.
We do not handle or keep credit card

All orders must be in before 2 pm EST to be
shipped the
same day. All other orders will be
shipped the next day.

You may choose between two options for shipping, one is
$20.00 for Express overnight shipping, and the other is $6.00
for Priority Mail. The cost will be added to your final total on
your order form.
Refunds on Orders Already Mailed

Other than for typographical errors, we will not
refund money for any of our products due to the
highly personalized nature.
Order Cancellation

If you cancel an order after you a sample has been
emailed to you,
a $15 set up fee will be charged to you.
We will refund your money through PayPal, minus the
$15 charge.

If you cancel an order already printed but not mailed,
we will charge you
$20 for set up and a supply fee.
Concerning Overnight Shipping

Express orders can be delivered to some cities on
Sundays for an extra fee. It depends on the US Post
Office and where you are located. Call us if you
have any questions or concerns.
MoMorial Cards

please email us for information on shipping prices.